School Staff

            Our Staff 2015-2016 

Primary Team
Marianne Bourbonniere/Sarah Patterson

Cheryl Laffin-Lepag/Petra Marcella

Erika MacRae /Jen Pignat

Maribeth Helgason /Jessica Meredith

Lianne Logan/Karen Smith

Assessment Class

Shannon Quinn

Grade 1 

Lisa St. Louis Gr. 1/2

Darcia Isenor 

Grade 3 

Primary French Extended 

Rejéanne da Costa   (Gr. 1)

Kevin Care (Gr.3)  (Nihmey/O/Neil/Sloan)

Sarah Cacciotti  (Gr. 2) (Chow/Spindler)

Josee Hotte (Gr. 3)  (Zulpo/Daly)

Junior Team

Grade 4

Tim Hopkins  

Alicia Brett (pm)

Grade 5

Grade 6

Lynne Gleiser  (am)

Junior French Immersion 

Josee Hotte Gr. 4/5

Sarah Cacciotti Gr. 4

Junior French Extended 

Anna Dodd Gr. 6 

Resource Teachers 

Chris St. Louis (Junior)

Julia Hardie (Primary)

Brian Delaney (Kindergarten)

ESL Teacher

Karen Thompson 

Educational Assistants

Jackie Ivy

Kathy Pomfret

Martha O'Connell

Nathalie Moreira Malheiro

Parvin Mozafari

Rebecca Vandenbosch

Katherine Ainsworth-Smith

Lindsay Cook

Amanda Bouchard

Custodial team

George Davis (Head custodian)

Library Technicians

Jennifer Flejszon

Office Administrator

Toni Hoffe

Vice Principal

Joseph Cinanni


Chantel Couture-Campbell

About Our School

                    School Hours
Supervision 9:00
Entry Bell 9:15
Learning Block 1 9:15-10:30
RECESS 10:30-10:45
Learning Block 2 10:44-12:00
LUNCH 12:00-1:00
Learning Block 3 1:00 - 2:15
RECESS 2:15 - 2:30
Learning Block 4 2:30- 3:45

At St. Anne we believe that it is important to recognize student achievement, participation and excellence. Students are recognized for "Believing, Discovering and Achieving" through our St. Anne Awesome Student Award Program. Awards are presented annually to grade six graduates for excellence in Arts, Technology, Academic, Athletic, Leadership, Friendship, French, Effort, and Citizenship. We have been the proud recipient of the School Board Environmental Award for the past 9 years. St. Anne is a Gold ECO School!  We were recognized as a Platinum School for Quality Physical Education. Each grade level from 1 to 6 prepares and assists in school liturgies throughout the year.

The History of St.Anne.pdf

Activities, Clubs & Teams

         Teams, Clubs and Activities for 2016-2017

School Teams:

Soccer (Sept)
Cross country (Oct)
Handball (Feb) 
Tchoukball (Mar)
Ultimate Frisbee (May)
Football (June) 
Track and Field (June) 

Other St. Anne initatives
  • Wattbusters for turning off lights
  • using a water cooler, instead of individual plastic bottles
  • using SMARTBOARDS instead of handouts
  • walking or riding to school