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Students are Safe- Update on Technical Issue

posted Dec 13, 2016, 11:17 AM by Laurie Dilabio
Dear Parent/Guardian,

This morning, we had technical issues with our attendance reporting system. You received an email/phone call saying your child was absent. This notification should only have gone to families of absent students. We are so sorry for the fear this caused for you.  
Thankfully, all children are safe. Classes continued through the morning and were not affected by this technical error.  
Please note that our auto email system, which is the same system, was not working and we could not get this message out to you by email sooner.  We did tweet right away and we asked our school council chair to put it on Facebook. The Board's Communications department put the message on our website.  
We are aware that many of you were trying to call the school.  We had three people answering the phones and our mailbox was full.  As well, I personally was standing outside the school to meet parents who were concerned to alleviate their worry as soon as possible.  
We will be working to assure that this does not happen again.  As a parent myself, I understand the fear this caused and, again, I apologize. 
Chantel Couture-Campbell